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Уфа, Кирова, 41
Добрый день! Знаю об этом доме с самого его основания. Сейчас живут мои родственники. Часто навещаю их. И в сердцах хочется сказать "Собянина на вас -управляющую жилищную компанию- нет!" Дом в полуразрушенном состоянии. В подъездах стоит стойкий запах помойки. Везде висят кабели и провода, которые по технике безопасности не должны вообще висеть. В некоторых местах на лестничных пролетах вот-вот оторвутся перила (дом без лифта). Слабое освещение. Внутренней отделки уже недостаточно. Требуется капитальный ремонт. Облицовка дома с годами уже лысеет. Ступеньки рассыпаются. А этот дом расположен в тихом центре. И со стороны улицы Кирова висит на уровне 1-ого этажа табличка о герое войны, проживавшем в этом дом. Стыд и позор местным властям. Я мирный человек. Но меня остро задевает данная ситуация. Вы хотите громкого расследования с привлечением масс медиа? Это можно устроить при желании. Обратите внимание, кто взимает деньги за комм. услуги и ремонт этого дома. И взяться за этот контингент самым тщательным образом. Жду принятие радикальных мер. Иначе..... пропал дом - как говорил профессор Преображенский!
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герб Shcherbinka

Shcherbinka. City data portal.
Let’s discuss questions concerning improvement of life and rest of city dwellers

About Shcherbinka

Population: 32 ths
Founded: 2005
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 502

Shcherbinka is the city included in structure of Moscow during execution of the expansion of the city project in 2012. Up to this it had been the city of regional submission.

The history of this district began several centuries ago. According to archeological studies, people occupied modern territory of Shcherbinka at the time of pre-Mongolian Rus’ (10th-11th centuries).

As well as in a case with many small settlements in Rus’, name of Shcherbinka has occurred from a surname of her first owner. So, since the 15th century there has been the family of noblemen Shcherbininy. According to some sources, Vasily I. Shcherbinin received these lands to build the estate from Ivan the Terrible in 1550, but in 1570 he was executed.

At the time of Troubles (the beginning of the 17th century) Shcherbinka was overtaken by the fate of many villages – it became deserted. The owner of the estate throughout the 17th century is unknown, but, according to documents dated 1766-67, Shcherbinkino village of the Moscow district had been passed into possession of A. Kabanova. It was she who had placed the part of land service of Znamensky temple. Now these lands belong to the city of Shcherbinka.

In 1845, the rod was laid through lands of the estate and it was strongly changed the life of the whole district.

In the sixties of the one before last century the estate was passed into possession of N. Sushkin who was the rich usurer of that time. He turned Shcherbinka into a comfortable place. At the end of the 19th century the railroad Moscow-Kursk was constructed through the village and Shcherbinka has become the railway settlement.

Brick making was founded in Shcherbinka at the end of the 19th century; the large brick plant was based here in the 1920s. Later, it has been transformed to refractory processing plant which makes still a contribution to the city economy.

In 1938, in Shcherbinka the stamping and mechanical plant was constructed thanks to what the village got the status of the worker’s settlement.

Full building and development of this settlement was prevented by the Great Patriotic War during which Shcherbinka was an immediate battle area. Its population was considerably decreased; in empty buildings reserve parts of the Soviet army were located.

After the victory Shcherbinka was overflowed by the new wave of active development. There was an improvement of the central part of the settlement during this period; the recreation center was built, new 3- and 4-storeyed houses as well as shops, nursery schools and medical institutions had been constructed. So, Shcherbinka gradually became overgrown with new residential districts. The first 5-storeyed panel house was built in the settlement on Sadovaya Street in 1962.

Shcherbinka received the city status in 1975. But, despite it there was still no church here. Laying of the foundation stone of a church took place on July 18, 1993. It was the Russia's first temple consecrated in honor of St. Elizabeth in 2000.

Now the basis of the city economy is made by the industry with dynamically developing production. Except above-mentioned refractory processing plant, largest enterprises are the lift producing plant, started to let out production in the fifties the 20th centuries, and aviation equipment plant.

Shcherbinka is the city with eventful cultural life. City institutions of culture are engaged in education of on-stage performance groups which take actively part not only in Russian, but also in international events.

Since 2002 new modern residential areas have been constructed in Shcherbinka. It has changed completely appearance of the city turned it into the modern city convenient and comfortable for living.

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