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герб Serpukhov

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About Serpukhov

Population: 127 ths
Founded: 1339
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 544

Serpukhov is the city district in southern part of Moscow Region. It’s on Nara River, tributary of Oka River, in 99 km to the south from Moscow. Serpukhov is located on a border of three regions: Moscow, Kaluga and Tula. The city area is 37.5 km, built-up area is 22.3 km.

Polemics are being carried till now concerning an origin of the city name. There are some versions: the name may have come from a saw-wort plant (Russian: serpukha), from a canonical name of Serapion, from the small river Serpeika, etc. Serpukhov was mentioned for the first time in 1339. At that time it was a fortress city and had remained it till expansion of the borders of the Moscow state.

Since 18th century industry has been actively developed in the city. Key industries are machinery and metal working, food, chemical and textile industries. Highway, railway and water transportation are also developed in Serpukhov.

The main sights of Serpukhov are historical and art museum, Serpukhov Kremlin, monasteries, Sologubov’s manor, merchant Serikov’s manor, building of Gostiny Dvor and others. There is Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Biosphere Reserve in Serpukhov. Ruins of an ancient palace of the Vyazemsky family in village of Pushchino near Serpukhov are equally well known.

There are about 50 gardens and parks in Serpukhov.

City Day is celebrated on September, 21st.

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