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About Podolsk

Population: 219 ths
Founded: 1559
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 1961

Podolsk is a city in Moscow region coasted on the bank of Pakhra River; borders on Moscow in the north.

1559 is considered to be the year of foundation; this year the Podol village was mentioned for the first time in written sources. In 1781, under the decree of Empress Catherine II, Podolsk got the status of city.

The processing industry is the most developed branch in Podolsk; there are some large and small enterprises here.

There are many places of interest in Podolsk. The Ivanovskoye estate on Parkovaya Street is one of them. The estate was founded in the 17th century, but it got modern architectural shape in 18th-19th centuries. Two-storeyed wings adjoin on both sides to the main three-storyed house decorated by columns. The estate is the bright representative of style of classicism. The windows of the building look out on beautiful view of Pakhra River.

On the Cathedral square there is one more sight of Podolsk. This is a Trinity cathedral constructed in honor of a victory in Patriotic war of 1812. It was being built from 1819 to 1832 upon the project of Osip Bove. The temple wasn't closed after the Revolution. It is notable that this is the only five-domed church of the South of the Moscow region, built in style of classicism. The Sunday school is opened today at the cathedral.

The former Zinger plant is a monument of industrial architecture of the beginning of the 20th century occupying almost the whole quarter: it’s located between Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya, Matrosskaya, Komsomolskaya and Zheleznodorozhnaya streets. 37 engineering building have already functioned here to 1917. Zinger was renamed Gosshveymashina in Soviet period, and later - Podolsk mechanical plant.

Real estate development is in progress Podolsk. Slum dwelling resettlement program is being carried out.

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