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Несколько раз приходила в это отделение Сбербанка в субботу (в будни не получается, приезжала специально из другого города по наследственному делу), и каждый раз одна и та же картина - шторка на входе слегка опущена и вывешено объявление о том, что банк временно не работает. В течение какого времени он не будет работать и по какой причине - непонятно. Что за сотрудники Сбербанка работают именно в этом отделении (больше нигде такого беспридела не встречала), что по субботам у них не рабочее настроение и они могут по собственному желанию устроить себе выходной, наплевав на очередь из ничего не понимающих клиентов, собравшихся под дверью? Вот по кучке таких отмороженных сотрудников и начинает, к сожалению, складываться мнение о Сбербанке в целом. Очень жаль, что кадры отбираются здесь так непрофессионально.
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About Istra

人口: 35 ths
成立年份: 1589
建筑物(房屋)照片: 95

Istra is a town in Moscow region. It’s located on the river with the same name, 40 km to the northwest from the capital. The main part of the town is on the narrow peninsula formed by the Istra River.

In 1589, Safatovo village got a new name - Voskresenskoye. The status of town was given to it in 1781. In 1930, Voskresensk was renamed Istra.

The main sight of the town is a New Jerusalem Monastery of Resurrection which is often called Palestine situated near Moscow. It was founded by patriarch Nikon in 1656. In 1919, the monastery was closed; the building has been given to a museum. Years of the Great Patriotic War hadn't passed without leaving a trace for the monastery – many of its buildings have been destroyed. In 1956, the restoration of the monastery began. The architecture of New Jerusalem Monastery reminds the one of Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem. The central entrance is on the south end. To the right of it is the Side-altar of Michael the Archangel. Near the Holy Mount one can see Side-altar of Beheading of St. John the Baptist. Church of Holy Constantine and Helen, equal to the apostles, being underground, is very interesting by architectural forms and furniture belonging to the 17th-18th centuries. The Passions of Christ chapels are located behind the main altar of the cathedral. The one-domed Assumption Church isn't less interesting; a refectory is near the church which is well-known for that the ark with part of relics of Tatiana, sacred martyr, is in it. There is a Sacred Mary Magdalene chapel in northern gallery of a rotunda; it was constructed in 1801, is the bright representative of classicism.

Garden of Gethsemane is located near the New Jerusalem Monastery. Nikon's house, museum of wooden architecture, art gallery, and the Siloam font, sacred spring will be interesting for tourists. The magnificent view on a monastery is from the park. It is also possible here for all who wish to ride a horse.

There is one of the oldest museums of the Moscow region in Istra. It’s called New Jerusalem. It was founded in 1920. In 1941, the museum was almost completely destroyed. Today here about 180 thousand showpieces are on display here, including collections of church utensils, Russian and foreign painting, porcelain.

Istra has been visited by such known people, as M.Lermontov, I.Levitan, A.Chekhov. The last has been even lived here for a long time.

City Day is celebrated in Istra on June 12.

Information about dwelling houses, buildings and sights of the city and its pictures

Streets of Istra

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