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Реутов, Новогиреевская, 9
Г. Реутов, по ул. Новогиреевская стоят 3-ех этажные дома, которые относится к ветхому жилью, дома которым много лет, их обещают снести, но почему то никто этого не делает. Дома в которых текут потолки, когда тает снег на крышах, лопаются трубы от старости дома, есть газовые колонки, а у некоторых и этого нет и люди ходят мыться к соседям. По всему городу Реутову идет застройка новых домов, а жильцов по ул. Новогиреевская никак не могут переселить. Очень маленькая площадь в квартирах, проходные комнаты, нет консьержек, в подъезды заходят наркоманы, подростки разрисовывают стены, очень сильно дует от окон и люди мёрзнут. Никто не может позволить себе сделать ремонт, т.к эти дома обещают снести. У многих жильцов нет понятия ванна, стоит один туалет с дыркой в полу, у некоторых жильцов ванна находиться на кухне.
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герб Fryazino

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About Fryazino

人口: 57 ths
成立年份: 1584
建筑物(房屋)照片: 475

Fryazino is a town in Moscow region on the Lyuboseevka River, 20 km to the southeast from Moscow.

The town was founded in 1584; the status of town was received in 1951.

Fryazino is the center of the radio electronic industry of Russia. In 1933, the Radiolampa plant was constructed in the town. There are some other enterprises in Fryazino, those are: "Istok-System", "Istok-Audio", "Focus".

The architecture of Fryazino is quite diverse. The center the town was built up by the German war prisoners with two- and four-storeyed houses in the 1950’s. The five - and nine-storeyed houses were constructed in the 1960’s-70. The southeast part of Fryazino is represented by the architecture of the 1980’s; the northeast part has been built on with private houses.

There is the Grebnevo estate near Fryazino. The estate is a monument of architecture and history of federal importance. The estate was mentioned in cadasters in the 16th century. The main farmstead house and Grebnevsky church were constructed at the end of the 18th century. From one year to another, the estate used to belong to Trubetskoy, Golitsyn, Bibikov. The sanatorium for patients having tuberculosis was being placed in the building during Soviet period, and then the Shchelkovo technical school of electron devices. In 1991, during the next restoration, there was a fire in the building. Nobody has begun the reconstruction of the estate. Since then the building hasn't used and destroys slowly.

Two temples constructed at the estate function at the moment. This is stone church of the Grebnevsky icon of the Mother of God, constructed in 1791 (on one of its domes the gold angel with a cross in a hand is located) and Nikolsky temple built in 1823.

There is Alley of heroes in the centre of Fryazino opened in 1973. Here there are monuments to Heroes of the Soviet Union – I. Ivanov, A. Dudkin, and B. Yaryshev.

The Victory Stele was unveiled on Vokzalnaya Street in 1986. The names of all citizens of Fryazino who were in the Great Patriotic War are shown on it.

As in any other cities of Russia, there is a monument to V. Lenin in Fryazino; it is on Vokzalnaya Street. One more sight of the town is a sculpture "The pilot and the boy with an airframe" in Chizhovo village.

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