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Добрый день! Знаю об этом доме с самого его основания. Сейчас живут мои родственники. Часто навещаю их. И в сердцах хочется сказать "Собянина на вас -управляющую жилищную компанию- нет!" Дом в полуразрушенном состоянии. В подъездах стоит стойкий запах помойки. Везде висят кабели и провода, которые по технике безопасности не должны вообще висеть. В некоторых местах на лестничных пролетах вот-вот оторвутся перила (дом без лифта). Слабое освещение. Внутренней отделки уже недостаточно. Требуется капитальный ремонт. Облицовка дома с годами уже лысеет. Ступеньки рассыпаются. А этот дом расположен в тихом центре. И со стороны улицы Кирова висит на уровне 1-ого этажа табличка о герое войны, проживавшем в этом дом. Стыд и позор местным властям. Я мирный человек. Но меня остро задевает данная ситуация. Вы хотите громкого расследования с привлечением масс медиа? Это можно устроить при желании. Обратите внимание, кто взимает деньги за комм. услуги и ремонт этого дома. И взяться за этот контингент самым тщательным образом. Жду принятие радикальных мер. Иначе..... пропал дом - как говорил профессор Преображенский!
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герб Sergiyev Posad

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About Sergiyev Posad

人口: 108 ths
成立年份: 1337
建筑物(房屋)照片: 1052

Sergiev Posad is the city in Moscow region located on Konchura River. The distance to Moscow is 52 km.

I n 1337, Sergy Radonezhsky founded the Trinity monastery. This date is considered to be the year of foundation of the city. In the 18th century, some villages near the monastery merge to one settlement which has been named Sergiev Posad (after Sergy Radonezhsky). In 1919 this settlement got the city status.

As for the industry, metallurgy, woodworking and food branches are well developed in Sergiev Posad. Since 16th century Sergiev Posad has been famous for toy trade. Besides, this is the only city of Russia where there is a toy Institute. Some plants function also in the city.

Near the Toy Institute there is a toy Museum which was opened in 1980. The museum contains such expositions, as "National toy", "Toys of East Countries ", "Toys of the 19th century", "A children's portrait". On the second floor it is possible to see toys for boys.

The Sergiyevo-Posadsky state historical and art memorial estate isn't less interesting. There is the most ancient carpet with Sergy Radonezhsky's image dated on the 15th century, Andrey Rublyov's letters, jewelery and many other valuable antiquities.

The main place of interest of the city is one of the most venerated Russian canctuaries - Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra. The Trinity monastery was founded by Sergy Radonezhsky in 1337. In 1744, it became Lavra. Such great people are connected with its history, as Nikon of Radonezh, Maximus the Greek, Epiphanus the Wise and many others. In 1920, Lavra was closed. Its buildings had been occupied with various institutes, for example historical and art museum. But in 1946 the Lavra was opened again.

One of the most ancient temples of Sergiev Posad is a church of Parasceve, martyr, surnamed "Friday" constructed at the end of the 17th century. In 1928, the church was closed. The building had been used as a warehouse, and in the 1960’s the Zagorsk memorial estate was housed within its walls. In 1991, the church was conveyed to the Monastery. The temple is ship like; it consists of church, frater house and belltower. It is decorated with corbel arch, geometrical carving, and ornamental elements.

Vvedensky temple is located near the church of Parasceve. It was built in 1547. Historical destinies of these two churches are very similar. Vvedensky temple was also closed in 1928; the building was used as a warehouse, in the 1960’s it was conveyed to the Zagorsk memorial estate, and in 1991 – to the Monastery. The architectural traditions of 15th, 16th and 18th centuries are closely interwoven in architecture of the temple.

The chapel of the Pyatnitsky well relating to the Troitsky monastery represents also a great interest. Despite it belongs to the monastery it’s located outside its walls. An exact date of its construction is still unknown. However some details of its architecture are characteristic for the 18th century. The chapel is over a spring which is decorated in a form of well.

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