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About Reutov

Population: 91 ths
Founded: 1492
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 408

The city of Reutov is in Moscow region and borders on eastern frontier of Moscow. Reutov was founded at the end of the 15th century, and it became a city in 1940.

The city is divided into two parts, northern and southern, with Gorky direction of the Moscow railroad.

The mechanical engineering research and production association is the city's primary taxpayer. Thanks to its Reutov got the status of the science town of the Russian Federation in 2003. The enterprise manufactures the most difficult missile and space-rocket systems which don't have analogs in the world.

There are many interesting to watch for tourists in Reutov. Undoubtedly, the museum of local history founded at the premises of the museum of Reutov Manufactory History in 1998 will be interesting for them. The museum possesses more than 2000 exhibit items. Two museum rooms, "The Old Reutov" and "Reutov during the Great Patriotic War", are in disposal of visitors.

Snow-white walls and gold domes of the temple of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God have been decorated the city since 1999. There are holly relics of martyrs of Alexander (Smirnov) and Feodor (Remizov) in the church. Blagovest of Reutov, the newspaper, is issued by the community of the temple. The Trinity church is also being constructed in Reutov. Besides, there is a St. George the Victorious chapel in the city; full-length George is represented on its walls.

A monument to a bell, one more important sight of Reutov, is located on the central square. This is a city symbol. Once, there was one of the watchtowers with bells, warning of coming danger, on this place.

Two fountains are also a real decoration of the city. One of them sheds in the middle of the Factory pond; the second is on the square.

The only movie theater in the city (with ten halls) is in Rio shopping center. There is also bowling and billiards here.

Reutov is rightly considered to be the one of the best cities of Moscow region. At year-end 2003 Reutov became first at the Gold Ruble, all-Russian competition.

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