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герб Elektrostal


Фотографии многоквартирных домов, общественных и административных зданий и достопримечательностей

About Elektrostal

Population: 157 ths
Founded: 1916
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 734

Electrostal is the city in the Moscow region located in 52 km to the East from the capital.

The history of the city began in 1916 when construction of two large plants has begun near Zatishie natural landmark. In 1925 the railroad was laid from Moscow to Zatishie. Same year a substation of Zatishie turned into Electrostal station, and it got the city status in 1938.

During the Great Patriotic War shells for "Katyusha", as well as mines and bombs were made at the city enterprises.

The considerable role in the city live is played by sports. There are numerous sports constructions in Electrostal: ice sports palace "Kristal", stadium, numerous sports complexes and pools, tennis center etc. More than forty sports are actively developed in the city.

Cultural life of the city also isn't less interesting. There are the city Museum and exhibition center, a historical and art museum, the cultural centers and movie theaters in Electrostal. Since 2006 the annual regional festival "Flowers of Moscow Region" has been held in Electrostal, the festival of Japanese animation was held twice in the city.

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