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Кинель, Демьяна Бедного, 44
Несколько раз приходила в это отделение Сбербанка в субботу (в будни не получается, приезжала специально из другого города по наследственному делу), и каждый раз одна и та же картина - шторка на входе слегка опущена и вывешено объявление о том, что банк временно не работает. В течение какого времени он не будет работать и по какой причине - непонятно. Что за сотрудники Сбербанка работают именно в этом отделении (больше нигде такого беспридела не встречала), что по субботам у них не рабочее настроение и они могут по собственному желанию устроить себе выходной, наплевав на очередь из ничего не понимающих клиентов, собравшихся под дверью? Вот по кучке таких отмороженных сотрудников и начинает, к сожалению, складываться мнение о Сбербанке в целом. Очень жаль, что кадры отбираются здесь так непрофессионально.
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герб Chernogolovka

Chernogolovka. City data portal.
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About Chernogolovka

Population: 22 ths
Founded: 1710
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 81

Chernogolovka is a small cozy town in the northeast of the Moscow region with a little more than 22 thousand townspeople.

There was Chernogolovl’, the grand-duce’s volost, in these parts in the 14th century, at the time of Ivan Kalita's reign. The modern town has been named after this volost.

Chernogolovka was mentioned first in chronicles in 1710. According to historical data, the village has been settled down near the Big Stromynskaya Road what has defined as a whole development Chernogolovka as there was very active movement across Stromynka at the end of the 14th century.

The modern history of Chernogolovka began in 1956 when construction of branch of the Moscow Institute of chemical physics began here upon an initiative of academician N. Semenov (The Nobel prize winner). Later it has been added with other institutes and turned into large scientific center and then - into modern world-famous science town (this status was given to Chernogolovka in 2008).

Chernogolovka got the status of town in 2001.

The Russian Academy of Sciences scientific center combining some scientific organizations was formed in Chernogolovka in 1956. Now it is the city-forming enterprise. The chemical physics and modern materials science are classified among the main direction of scientific researches.

However, not only the science has obtained a wide circulation in Chernogolovka. Also the great importance is given to cultural life of the town which is presented by the cultural and leisure center "Gamma", city library and Chernogolovka children's school of arts named after E.P.Makurenkova.

Besides, there is a Scientists’ House belonging to Scientific center of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Chernogolovka. It was opened in 1967. The front of the building is decorated with a mosaic which author is the deserved artist of Russia Ilya M. Broydo. The Scientists’ House consists of a big cinema and concert hall, a big lounge with a conference room, galleries for exhibitions holdings, and rooms for different classes. Now various creative coteries and sports departments allowing to citizens to achieve to their capacities work here.

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