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Кинель, Демьяна Бедного, 44
Несколько раз приходила в это отделение Сбербанка в субботу (в будни не получается, приезжала специально из другого города по наследственному делу), и каждый раз одна и та же картина - шторка на входе слегка опущена и вывешено объявление о том, что банк временно не работает. В течение какого времени он не будет работать и по какой причине - непонятно. Что за сотрудники Сбербанка работают именно в этом отделении (больше нигде такого беспридела не встречала), что по субботам у них не рабочее настроение и они могут по собственному желанию устроить себе выходной, наплевав на очередь из ничего не понимающих клиентов, собравшихся под дверью? Вот по кучке таких отмороженных сотрудников и начинает, к сожалению, складываться мнение о Сбербанке в целом. Очень жаль, что кадры отбираются здесь так непрофессионально.
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герб Balashikha

Balashikha. City data portal.
Let’s discuss questions concerning improvement of life and rest of city dwellers

About Balashikha

Population: 235 ths
Founded: 1830
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 561

Balashikha is the largest city of Moscow region located on Pekhorka and Gorenka Rivers.

Balashikha is one of most economically developed cities of the region. Such enterprises as JSC Balashikha Casting-Mechanical Plant, JSC Moscow Aviation and Repair Plant ROSTO Into number of the largest enter: JSC Balashikha cranmobiles & manipulators rank among the largest enterprises.

One of the most important sights of the city is the Pekhra-Yakovlevskoye estate. It used to belong to princes Golitsyn. The Temple of Transformation was constructed here at the end of the 18th century. The architectural complex included a mansion with two lodges, church, theater and a greenhouse. The main buildings were located in-line, and the temple only was over against. Initially all buildings were constructed in style of classicism, but in time have been reconstructed. This entire splendor was surrounded by the beautiful park, avenues of which run from the central glade in shape of six-pointed star. Russian state agrarian university is located now in the territory of the estate. Since 1996 religious services have been conducted in the temple.

Gorenki, one more estate, is located on the south side of Entuziastov Street. It used to belong to a family of counts Razumovsky. The main farmstead house built at the end of the 18th century in style of classicism has remained up to now. It is surrounded with a formal garden. TB dispensary is located now in the territory of the estate.

It should be noted, that a group of buildings of Balashikha cotton manufacture is also an architectural monument of the 19th century. The year of its foundation is considered to be the year of foundation of the city. In the 2000’s production was stopped. Numerous offices and shops are placed now in buildings of former factory.

One more architectural monument of the end of the 18th century is the Nicolo-Arkhangelsky temple. The temple was built in style of the Muscovite baroque in 1773. That fact is remarkable that the temple didn't suffer neither during war of 1812, nor in days of the Soviet power. Ancient icons, church plate have remained up to now.

There is also the temple of Nativity of the Theotokos constructed in the middle of the 19th century in style of Neo-Russian architecture. It represents quadrangle with two tiers of windows and a bulbous cupola. It is in an excellent condition now; services are daily conducted in the temple.

The most part of residential houses in Balashikha was built in the 20th century. New buildings have been also conducted.

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