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герб Bronnitsy


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About Bronnitsy

Population: 22 ths
Founded: 1453
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 133

Bronnitsy is the city in Moscow region, is in 52 km to the southeast from the capital. It’s an important transport knot.

The large trade village Bronichi which was an ancestral lands of the Muscovite princes, and then of the Russian tsars, was mentioned for the first time in 1453. At the beginning of the 17th century the village was ruined by the Cossacks who were in the Poles’ service. On October 5, 1781 according to decree of Catherine the Great Bronnitsy was granted by the status of a district town. In 1812 the town was strongly destroyed by the French army which had left Moscow.

Bronnitsy was included in the list of the historical cities of Russia in 1990; and in 1992 it became the city of regional subordination and got new city line, having increased the area.

As s historical town, Bronnitsy is rich on architectural monuments. A regular planning of the 18th century had remained in historical center of the town. The main historical sights of Bronnitsy are the Arkhangelsk Cathedral constructed in 1705, and the quarters of a mounted regiment belonging to the 19th century. Churches of the Assumption of the God’s Mother and of John the Almsgiver are of equal interest.

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