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About Zhukovsky

Population: 107 ths
Founded: 1947
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 668

Zhukovsky is a city district in Moscow Region with the population of 104.8 thousand persons, located 25 km to the south east from Moscow.

A history of Zhukovsky City began in 30s of 20th century when a construction of a large railway junction and new railway station was planned on Kazan railway near a platform of Prozorovskaya (Kratovo). Just then an industrial township for railway company's servants appeared on this place.

A construction of Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute began near Otdykh (Rest) station in the beginning of 1935. The village appeared here in 1938 for scientists, engineers and workers of this institute has been named Stakhanovo, after Donbass miner Alexey Stakhanov.

A bit later, in 1940, a project of flight research institute was presented by Michael Gromov. Thereafter a history of the present center of the Russian aircraft has begun. In April, 1947, the village of Stakhanovo was allocated by the status of a city and got the name Zhukovsky, in honor of the founder of modern aerodynamics.

The largest aeronautical research institutes are located now in Zhukovsky, which makes the city a center of national aircraft. On January, 29th, 2007, according to the governmental decree Zhukovsky was granted by the status of Science City of Russian Federation.

Zhukovsky is a venue of the largest in the Eastern Europe exhibition of aviation equipment. Since 1993 World Air Show MAKS collecting hundred thousand spectators has been carried out each odd-numbered year on airfield of flight research institute named after M. Gromov.

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