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герб Lyubertsy


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About Lyubertsy

Population: 181 ths
Founded: 1623
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 1092

The city of Lyubertsy is an administrative center of Lyuberetsky district of Moscow Region. It is located 20 km to the Southeast from Moscow.

The city has been named after one of owners of the village located in this place in 17th century, Libera, from which Liberechi, then Liberitsy and Lyubertsy was formed.

Lyubertsy was mentioned in cadastres as a Liberitsy village in 1623. Clerk Ivan Gryazev became the only owner of the village in 1627. Ivan Gryazev built church of the Transfiguration in Liberitsy in 1632 thanks to which the village becomes big-village. Ivan’s brother and sister, Mina and Praskovya, became the owners of Lyubertsy after Ivan’s death. Praskovya had been married to Miloslavsky; and Lyubertsy had passed to them afterwards. Alexander Menshikov who became owner of Lyubertsy after them renamed village New-Preobrazhenskoye in 1705. He had built a magnificent palace, cleaned an overgrown pond and laid out a large park here.

Half of population of Lyubertsy died of a plague in 18 century.

Lyubertsy was visited by the great writer and historian N. Karamzin in 1802 who released an article «Travel round Moscow» in 1803 where he has described this village in detail.

The military camp was located in Lyubertsy during the Patriotic war of 1812. On September, 4th the village was occupied with French troops. Local residents had become guerrillas.

The construction of the railroad Moscow-Ryazan has played a key role in the history of Lyubertsy. Thanks to it, the population had increased; trade and industry had started to develop. Housing estates had appeared around Lyubertsy.

On June, 16th, 1902 factory "New York" was opened which manufactured brakes for railway cars. Its workers had been active participants of the first Russian revolution.

On August, 17th, 1925 Lyubertsy was granted by the city status. Panky, Podosinki and Mikhelson villages joined Lyubertsy In 1934.

For today the territory of Lyubertsy is 5325 hectares. This is the sixth most populous city of Moscow Region.

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